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Botswana Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
08/28/18Transporters for Transportation of Bamb Goods Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board
Contract Scope: Transporter to deliver agricultural products in bulk or in bags to various destinations.
08/10/18Individual Consultants (IC) for the Preparation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories for Biennial Update Report (BUR) UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Individual consultants (IC) for the preparation of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for biennial update report (BUR).
08/20/18Local Individual Consultant (IC) to Collect & Analyze Data for Production of 1000 Small Scale Biogas Digesters in South Eastern Botswana UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Collect & analyze data for production of 1000 small scale biogas digesters. Facilitate low-carbon investments and public-private partnerships in the production and utilization of biogas from agro-waste in the districts of south-eastern country.
08/06/18 (IC) Disability Strategy Specialist UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Development of an holistic and comprehensive national disability framework (NDF). The NDF will consist of a national disability strategy, national disability policy and disability law.
08/27/1881228756-Transboundary Use and Protection of Natural Resources Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Contract Scope: Transboundary use and protection of natural resources. Implementation of a cross-cutting thematic area related to policy and marketing support for the development of sustainable tourism in Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) in the SADC region.
09/12/18Development of 100 MW CBM Fueled Pilot Power Plants Ministry of Minerals, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE)
Contract Scope: Development of 100 MW coal bed methane (CBM) Fueled Pilot Power Plants.
08/08/18IC -To Develop a Project Identification Form (PIF) and a Full Project Document UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: To develop a project identification form (PIF) and a full project document.
07/20/18IC - Law Reform Expert – Strategic Planning Workshop - Support to the Fulfilment of Human Rights, Access to Justice and Empowerment of Women and Youth UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Provide support to the fulfilment of human rights, access to justice and empowerment of women and youth project.
07/23/18Term Agreement (lta) With Several Providers / Contractors (in the Number of 03) for Catering Services UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Catering services.
07/16/18Develop Renewable Energy Feed UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Develop renewable energy feed.
07/06/18Provision of Security Guard Service Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS)
Contract Scope: Provision of security guard service.
07/06/18Provision of Service To Operate and Manage the Botswana Unified Revenue Service Confidential Hotline Service Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS)
Contract Scope: Provision of service to operate and manage the botswana unified revenue service confidential hotline service.
07/09/18Feasibility Study for Production and Utilization of Biogas At Botswana Meat Commission in Lobatse UNDP Botswana
Contract Scope: Implementing a project called “promoting production and utilization of biogas from agro-waste in south-eastern botswana (biogas project)”. This follows the realization that waste has not been taken as a resource in the country and this waste coul...
Displaying 1 to 13 out of 13