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Benin Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
09/29/17Selection of Three Individual Consultants To Conduct a Study To Set Up an Employment Information Management System United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Benin
Contract Scope: Selection of three individual Consultants to conduct a study to set up an employment information management system.
09/24/17Packing, Unpacking and Inland Transportation U.S. Department of State African Posts
Contract Scope: Packing, unpacking and inland transportation services. US Embassy purchased about 12 packing/unpacking services the last 12 months.
09/04/17Recruitment of a Firm for the Development of the Project UNDP Benin
Contract Scope: Recruitment of a firm for the development of the project Protection of the coastal zone and development of the resilience of the communities against the rise of the sea level in Benin"
09/12/17Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Control of Photovoltaic and Electrical Solar Source Equipment UNDP Benin
Contract Scope: Supply, installation, commissioning and control of photovoltaic and electrical solar source equipment.
09/05/17Recruitment of a Firm To Identify Appropriate Tools To Integrate Climate-related Costs and Benefits Into Decision-making Processes UNDP Benin
Contract Scope: Recruitment of a national office for the identification of appropriate tools that allow the integration of benefits and costs related to climate in decision making process.
08/22/17Recruitment of Consultant Website United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Benin
Contract Scope: Recruitment of consultant website.
08/22/17Recruitment of consultant website United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Benin
Contract Scope: Ensure the preparation and moderation of the consultation session between the administrators of the Climate Change Information System (SICC) and the producers of information on climate change, together with the information mobilization strategy (20 d...
09/18/17Acquisition of Hydraulic, Electromechanical and Customer Meters Equipment / Installations As Part of the Project To Reduce Water Losses and Improve African Development Bank
Contract Scope: Acquisition of hydraulic, electromechanical and customer meters equipment / installations as part of the project to reduce water losses and improve the viability of drinking water supply systems.
08/20/17Communications Consultant The World Bank Group
Contract Scope: Develop and execute a communications strategy focused on promoting and raising awareness of IFC's mission; Oversee the planning and coordination of communications activities related to IFC's major events namely signings, conferences, country visits b...
08/16/17Cabinet for Quality Assurance and Support for the Appropriation Process of the Public Expenditure Review and Institutional Analysis United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Benin
Contract Scope: Notice of recruitment of a cabinet for quality assurance and support for the appropriation process of the public expenditure review and institutional analysis in the Benin climate sector.
08/31/17Embassy Cotonou's Small-Grants Program U.S. Mission - Embassy Cotonou
Contract Scope: Community organizations in country to submit applications for a grant from Owner Small-Grants program. The application period is open until August 31, 2017, and awards are subject to fund availability.
08/22/17Consultancy Services - Technical Audit of the Urban Transport Project in Parakou Public Procurement (PRMP) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT)
Contract Scope: Road safety audit of the urban transport project.
Displaying 1 to 12 out of 12