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Senegal Tenders

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Due DateTender TitleOwner
08/21/18Consultant in Support To the Local Development Finance Practice Portfolio United Nations Development Programme
Contract Scope: Consultant in support to the local development finance practice portfolio.
09/03/18Resident USPSC-Regional Learning & Knowledge Management Analyst-Senegal Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions
Contract Scope: Seeking a highly experienced Regional Learning and Knowledge Management Analyst with skills in social scientific research methods, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, organizational learning, and analysis of large amounts of social scien...
09/06/18Senior Regional Criminal Justice Program Coordinator US Department of State, Department of State Procurements Only
Contract Scope: Senior Regional Criminal Justice Program Coordinator. 1. Develop and manage INL WARSI, TSCTP, and IPPOS programs in line with INL and post priorities. This involves coordinating with Bureaus within State (Counterterrorism, African Affairs, and others...
08/15/18Recruitment of a Consultant United Nations Development Programme
Contract Scope: Recruitment of a consultant.
09/05/18Acquisition of Computer Equipment for the Seat of Virtual University of Senegal (UVS) Project Management Support Unit at the Virtual University of Senegal
Contract Scope: Acquisition of computer equipment for the seat of virtual university.
08/07/18Consultant - Control and Supervision of the Construction Works of the Rosso Bridge and Its Access Viaducts The Governments of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and the Republic of Senegal
Contract Scope: A consultant for the control and supervision of the construction works of the rosso bridge and of its access viaducts. The services provided under this contract include: analysis and approval of the execution file; monitoring and verification of work...
08/07/18Request for Quotation - Youth Entreprenuership and Self-Employment Forum International Labour Organization (ILO)
Contract Scope: Provide services for the management and communications for the organization, management and delivery of the youth entrepreneurship and self-employment forum of approx. 200 participants including policymakers, young people, private sector, social part...
08/02/18Senegal CPC Dept. of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD), Division of Procurement
Contract Scope: Provide Country Program Coordinator for field office for a base period of one (1) year and four (4), one (1) year option periods.
07/27/18Recruitment of a Consulting Firm To Carry Out Studies On African Experiences in Private Sector Development United Nations Development Programme
Contract Scope: Recruitment of a consulting firm to carry out studies on African experiences in private sector development for emergence.
07/31/18Hosting and Conferencing Services for the 'DFS4what' Event and Exchange Workshop With Participation of International Experts United Nations Development Programme
Contract Scope: Hosting and conferencing services for the 'DFS4What' event and exchange workshop with participation of international experts.
07/16/18Rise II Water Security and Resilience Activity USAID / EDB
Contract Scope: Rise ii water security and resilience activity. The purpose of this rfi is to obtain feedback from stakeholders prior to finalizing activity design.
08/21/18Garbage And Trash Collection Service For Embassy Dakar US Embassy in Senegal
Contract Scope: Garbage And Trash Collection Service
Displaying 1 to 12 out of 12