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Forest Planting In Africa Might Not Provide Expected Climate Benefits

Although planting trees in Africa has been championed as a winning environmental strategy to help absorb carbon dioxide, a new study by researchers from Sweden's Lund University, who investigated a Ugandan tree-planting project, suggest the practice deserves some tough questioning.

Tatu City Development Proceeding Ahead of Schedule

Just 24 kilometers away from Nairobi's city center, Tatu City, Kenya, one of the most ambitious real estate projects anywhere in the world, is very quietly exceeding expectations and beating schedules.

Long-Awaited Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline Project Lays Foundation

Over a year after Uganda and Tanzania signed the formal agreements to make it happen, the first foundation stone for the almost 1500 kilometer Uganada-Tanzania oil pipeline was finally laid in place on August 5 in Tanga, on the coast of Tanzania along the Indian Ocean.

African Innovation Foundation Award Winners Announced

The African Innovation Foundation (AIF, www.AfricanInnovation.org) just announced the prize winners for the 6th edition of the coveted Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA, http://InnovationPrizeForAfrica.org). Innovators from Egypt, Uganda and Liberia won the top three awards.

New Plan Rolling Out to Halt Spread of Fall Army Worm in Southern Africa

The fall army worm has expanded so rapidly in southern Africa that its presence is behind a cut in this year's regional maize harvest forecast by up to 10 percent. A new multi-part plan to increase surveillance and research to contain the worm may help push back the agricultural menace.

Africa's Youth Explosion Places Pressure on Job Creation vs. Migration

Africa is growing economically throughout the continent. For the 11 million young Africans who entered the labor market in 2014 alone, many see few opportunities in the agriculture sector and are constrained by a lack of skills, low wages, and limited access to land and financial services. Combined, this makes them more prone to migrate from rural areas.

VLCC Group of Dubai Plans Major African Expansion

VLCC Group, a weight loss solutions plus hair and skin treatment company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with an existing presence in Nairobi, just announced announced its plans to expand -- via franchise -- throughout a number of African countries.

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