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Speaking Online Draws Repression in East Africa

Whistleblowing is risky enough almost anywhere, but now that Tanzania implemented its online content communication starting in June, even some of the boldest are pulling back to protect themselves.

Conflicts No Longer Always End Up In War in Modern Africa

When countries in Africa clashed in the past, there was little in the way of alternative to war and inter-tribal battles. Softer approaches to conflict resolution are now replacing that, starting with the border regions in Eastern Africa.

Traders in Uganda and Rwanda Awarded $63M for Election Chaos Losses

In a decision released on July 27, the Kenyan High Court judge Msagha Mbobholi ordered the government to pay 16 traders in the East African Freight Forwarders Association $63 million for damage to trucks and goods lost during rioting and more after the 2007-2008 elections.

Chinese President Xi Calls for Closer Ties with Uganda

As the 10th BRICS summit held in July 25-27 in Johannesburg reached its conclusion, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for deepening the friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation between his country and that of Uganda.

Uganda Development Bank Receives $20 M to Back Needs of Promising SMEs

The Uganda Development Bank (UDBL), a unique financial enterprise which was in fact the first development finance institution established by the Government of Uganda in 1972, has been granted a US $20 million loan by the African Development explicitly to support the higher-risk investment needs of small-to-medium enterprises.

African Financial Fund Receives $10M Investment from AfDB

The Africa Financial Sector Deepening Fund, a financial instrument designed to strengthen the capital base of local financial institutions and stimulate Africa's corporate bond market, just received a US $10 million investment from the African Development Bank.

Uganda Approves Taxes on Social Media Services and Mobile Banking

On May 30, the parliament of Uganda approved a major overhaul of its excise tax system. Effective July 1, all citizens using social media and related services, plus anyone using mobile banking, will be charged taxes just for accessing the services. The tax is being raised mostly to help fund public services.

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