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Kenya Tender and Business News

ImpalaCoin Cryptocurrency to Be Tied to Africa-Based Electronic Float

ImpalaCoin, the cryptocurrency powering the Impala CryptoBank, based in Nairobi, Kenya, will link together a secure blockchain and payments network with the ImpalaPay mobile money processing infrastructure. It will also be unique in that it will be tied to an Africa-based electronic float.

India's ThreadSol Material Management Solutions Coming to Origin Africa

ThreadSol, an enterprise material management for sewn products company based in India, is coming to the Origin Africa products show coming up in Nairobi, Kenya, from September 9-11. With fashion and fabrics a major booming industry on the continent, ThreadSol hopes to make major inroads with its solutions set.

Conflicts No Longer Always End Up In War in Modern Africa

When countries in Africa clashed in the past, there was little in the way of alternative to war and inter-tribal battles. Softer approaches to conflict resolution are now replacing that, starting with the border regions in Eastern Africa.

Traders in Uganda and Rwanda Awarded $63M for Election Chaos Losses

In a decision released on July 27, the Kenyan High Court judge Msagha Mbobholi ordered the government to pay 16 traders in the East African Freight Forwarders Association $63 million for damage to trucks and goods lost during rioting and more after the 2007-2008 elections.

Farm-Tech Expo Kenya to Be Held September 12-13

Farm-Tech Expo Kenya, one of the largest agricultural events in the country, sponsored by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) will be held September 12-13.

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