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Guinea Tender and Business News

Senegal's InTouch 'Guichet Unique" Solution Coming to 8 African Countries

Senegal-based African fintech company InTouch (www.InTouchgroup.net) recently reached a deal with France-based Total, a global provider of oil, gas and solar energy solutions, and Worldline, a French e-payment service provider. The deal will bring rollout of InTouch's 'Guichet Unique" payment solution to eight African countries.

Special Seminar Held to Train African Civil Servants on Economic Planning

A special course was recently held on Industrial Policy in Africa, for civil servants from 20 African countries. Its goal was to strengthen the group's capacity in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating appropriate strategies to facilitate the structural transformation of the continent’s economies.

Africa Legal Network Expands in Francophone Africa

Africa Legal Network (www.AfricaLegalNetwork.com), with central offices in Kenya, just announced it has signed three new member firms which will expand its capabilities in Francophone Africa. These are based in Algeria, Guinea and Morocco.

Guinea and China Hold High-Level Meetings on Strategic Cooperation

Guinea, as part of its move as the first Sub-Saharan country to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, recently sent a delegation to Beijing to discuss bilateral mutually beneficially cooperation in various fields. Principal meetings were held on November 2.

Dire Warnings But Also Hope as IUCN Environmental Congress Opens

A congress billed as the world’s largest ever to focus on the environment has opened to warnings that our planet is at a “tipping point” but also with expressions of hope that governments, civil society and big business are learning to work together.

Guinea Provides First Voluntary Contribution for African Legal Support Facility

The African Legal Support Facility (ALSF), a new fund to support countries needing financial assistance with complex business legal negotiations, has just received its first voluntary contribution from an African nation. The Republic of Guinea stepped up to be the first to help out its fellow nations on the continent.

More Help Needed to Deal with Food Insecurity in the Wake of El Niño

United Nations leaders said today that much more needs to be done to prevent further suffering, strengthen resilience and preserve livelihoods in the wake of El Niño's devastating effects worldwide. Africa was the worst hit, with 40 million of the estimated 60 million affected globally residing in East and Southern Africa.

RMB Reaches Nearly 40% Adoption Across Financial Institutions Worldwide

SWIFT data shows a double digit growth of RMB adoption by financial institutions established in all regions. In February 2016, 1,131 banks were using the RMB for payments with mainland China and Hong Kong, representing 37% of all institutions exchanging payments with mainland China and Hong Kong across all currencies.

Half of Africa's Nations Advance Climate Solutions In Development Plans

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released Financing Change: the AfDB and CIF for a Climate-Smart Africa, its 2015 Annual Report for its Climate Investment Funds (CIF) portfolio. The report demonstrates that by the end of 2015 through its AfDB-supported CIF portfolio, 27 African nations – half of Africa – had become engaged in various aspects of climate solutions, and through 39 pilot programs are embedding them in their national development economic and social goals.

Orange and Ecobank Launch a Bank-to-Wallet Money Transfer Service

This partnership, which is already operational in Mali since January 2015 and in Cameroun since August 2015, facilitates money transfers for both Ecobank (Ecobank.com) and Orange (Orange.com) customers by allowing them to top-up their Orange Money e-wallet from their bank account, and vice versa.

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