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Ethiopia Tender and Business News

Over A Half Million Internally Displaced Persons Overlooked in Ethiopia

According to a survey conducted in May-June 2017 by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ethiopia's Somali region includes over 577,711 internally displaced persons (IDPs), scattered over 264 sites, a major settlement of ethnically Somali who are also Ethiopian nationals.

Madagascar's New Agricultural Investment Plan Goes Through Major Review

The Land Policy Initiative (LPI), a joint project of the African Union, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, recently held a workshop in partnership with the government of Madagascar to review a major Country Report and Business Plan for the nation.

Internet Censorship A Growing Threat to Press Freedom in Africa

African countries may have embraced the Internet for its potential to educate and to stimulate a digital economic revolution. Unfortunately the governments in those countries are often shutting down the internet all too often, when it suits their interests in blocking public dissension and distribution of information the country wants hidden.

Africa Hall Renovation Project Board Meets For First Time

The much-needed upgrade of Africa Hall, the Addis Ababa-based headquarters for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), took a major step forward on August 10th, when members of the new advisory board for the Africa Hall Renovation Project met for the first time.

Reflections On The Importance of Investing in Youth in Africa

The theme of this year's African Union Decentralization Day celebrated on August 10 was "Youth Participation". With 63 percent of Africa's overall population below the age of 25, getting youth involved in all aspects of society is critical to the continent's growth and health.

Shortlist Announced for First Ever Africa Architecture Awards

The shortlist of potential winners for the first ever Africa Architecture Awards have just been announced by , which are intended to recognize and reward worthy projects from around the continent and to create a broader awareness of the issues and opportunities inherent in the built environment through dialogue, analysis and critique

Protests In Ethiopia Renew Calls to Restore Basic Human Rights

Protesters in Ethiopia have risen up again in their thousands, voicing their anger at their country's authoritarian government, its bias towards those close to the ruling elite, and its failure to share the country’s wealth more equally. Civicus, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, calls for action to help preserve basic human rights in the country.

FAO and AfDB Collaborate on 'Desert to Power Program' in Africa

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) have begun a new major collaboration initiative to help transform precarious situations in the desert part of Africa into developmental opportunities. It is called the 'Desert to Power program', and will be deployed to 11 countries including Sudan.

New Plan Rolling Out to Halt Spread of Fall Army Worm in Southern Africa

The fall army worm has expanded so rapidly in southern Africa that its presence is behind a cut in this year's regional maize harvest forecast by up to 10 percent. A new multi-part plan to increase surveillance and research to contain the worm may help push back the agricultural menace.

New UN Report Defines Roadmaps to Help Africa Transform Its Economy

A new report prepared by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) says Africa can transform its society into one recognized as prosperous and productive. To accomplish that, however, it will have to find a way to harness the energy and inspiration of the 60% of the continent's population who is currently under 25 years.

Africa's Youth Explosion Places Pressure on Job Creation vs. Migration

Africa is growing economically throughout the continent. For the 11 million young Africans who entered the labor market in 2014 alone, many see few opportunities in the agriculture sector and are constrained by a lack of skills, low wages, and limited access to land and financial services. Combined, this makes them more prone to migrate from rural areas.

Eritrean Refugees Flow Freely Across the Border to Ethiopia

The border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is a surprisingly open one, with new souls arriving every day out of Eritrea. And while it is one thing to hear about it in the news, it is a very different matter to see the tired eyes, surrounded by dust and grime, of a 14-year-old Eritrean girl who’s just arrived on the Ethiopian side of the shared border.

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