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Congo The Democratic Republic Of The Tender and Business News

PwC Analyzes South Africa's Lackluster Mining Industry Performance

According to a new report from PwC, South African mining companies had a tough economic ride last year, despite the global mining industry in general having improved well over the past year. Unfortunately the mix of precious metals in South Africa's mining "market basket" was a major drag on the industry's performance for the year.

TerraPay and GIMAC Partner to Enable Instant Money Transfer in CEMAC Region

TerraPay, a mobile payments platform headquartered in the Netherlands, and GIMAC, the regional electronic money transfer platform of Central Africa, have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will allow instant cross-border money transfer to bank accounts and mobile wallets in Africa's CEMAC region.

Vivendi and Orange Partner to Bring New Movie Theaters and Cinedays to Africa

French mass media conglomerate Vivendi and Paris-based telecom Orange are partnering to open new movie theaters across western and central Africa. The goal is to help reestablish the experience of movie-watching under the best technical conditions and in comfort, after three decades in which cinemas have all but disappeared in some area.

Non-Profit Technoserve Launches New Coffee Projects in Four Countries

Technoserve, a non-profit dedicated to leveraging the power of the private sector to help lift people out of poverty, just announced it is launching four new initiatives to boost the livelihoods of smallholder coffee farmers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Peru, and Honduras.

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