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How Ivory Smuggling Became Big Business in Central Africa

TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, published a new report on September 7, detailing findings from almost a decade of monitoring the ivory trafficking network. The report details a tragic history of how ivory smuggling in Central Africa became as lucrative of many international drug cartels.

Internet Censorship A Growing Threat to Press Freedom in Africa

African countries may have embraced the Internet for its potential to educate and to stimulate a digital economic revolution. Unfortunately the governments in those countries are often shutting down the internet all too often, when it suits their interests in blocking public dissension and distribution of information the country wants hidden.

Senegal's InTouch 'Guichet Unique" Solution Coming to 8 African Countries

Senegal-based African fintech company InTouch (www.InTouchgroup.net) recently reached a deal with France-based Total, a global provider of oil, gas and solar energy solutions, and Worldline, a French e-payment service provider. The deal will bring rollout of InTouch's 'Guichet Unique" payment solution to eight African countries.

UK's Konnect Africa Announces Bold Telecom Expansions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Konnect Africa, headquartered in the United Kingdom, just announced a broad collection of new next-generation telecom services available today in Benin, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda. It is part of a major expansion move planned to cover all across Sub-Saharan Africa.

IAEA Study Shows Significant Water Resources Present in Drought-Stricken Sahel

The International Atomic Energy Agency, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, has completed an extensive study of the drought situation in Africa. In a report published on May 29 on the analysis, the information shows significant reserves of good quality water are in fact still available in Africa's drought-prone Sahel region.

Radio France Journalist Sentenced to 10 Years in Cameroon -- For Reporting

Ahmed Abba, a journalist for Radio France Internationale's Hausa service, was just sentenced in a court in Cameroon to 10 years in prison for charges of "non-denunciation of terrorism" and "laundering of the proceeds of terrorist acts". His conviction has been labeled a travesty of justice by Amnesty International.

Development Partners Need to Share More Experiences to Enhance Growth

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the UN Economic Commission fo Africa (ECA) are urging far more sharing of experiences among development partners, as Central Africa's economies deal with the combination of lower prices for commodities and the need to 'strike now' at this opportune time for growth in the region.

UN Expert Demands Cameroon Restore Internet to English-Speaking Areas

The Government of Cameroon recently cut off internet services to areas of the country with mostly English-speaking residents. The United Nation's Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression is demanding the country restore those services immediately, on the grounds of human rights.

Over 200 Attend Central African Ministerial Conference on Youth Employment

February 7th's Central African Ministerial Conference on Youth Employment, held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, drew over 200 participants for the event. In a dramatic opening for the conference, Fabrice Olomo, a young entrepreneur, made a powerful speech outlining the difficulties African youth have starting a business -- and what it means for the future for all if those youth are empowered.

MERCK Africa Recognizes Advanced Women Researchers on Women's Health

MERCK Africa took another major step recently in honoring the role of Women in Advanced Medical Research. It recently named the first winners of its new 'Merck Africa Women Research Award', for research on women's health in Africa, to researchers in Kenya, Burkina FAso, Gabon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Botswana, Cameroon, Gambia and Zimbabwe.

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