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Africa Business News

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BIA and Cummins Extend Their Partnership in Africa

Cummins (Cummins.com), the world's leading industrial engine manufacturer and a historic partner of BIA in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is giving BIA a fresh vote of confidence by entrusting it with the official distribution of its engine, generator, and filter system product lines in several African countries.

Telecom Micro-Surcharges: LSL World Initiative's Unique Financing Model

The United Nations is callingon developed and developing countries alike to implement innovative financing mechanisms with a view to raising much-needed funds to assist with the development of the neediest countries. The institution of surcharges on globalized activities is one of the four broad categories of innovative finance mechanisms that have been identified.

Profitability Concerns Spark a Rethink Among Global Telcos in Africa

Africa may well be the next frontier for growth and expansion for global telecom operators, but a number of major players have encountered serious challenges around the profitability of their investments in trying to establish a sustainable and economically viable footprint on the continent.

African Renewable Energy Initiative Launched at COP21

The Africa Renewable Energy Initiative was launched at a Session during the High-Level Meeting on “Lima-Paris Action Agenda: Focus on Energy” on 07 December, 2015 at the COP21. It gives specific targets for amount of renewable energy and the timetable for achieving them.

Africa's Massive Renewable Energy Initiative Launched

African heads of state announced plans for a gigantic renewable energy initiative that would provide as much as 300 gigawatts of renewable energy – twice the continent’s total current electricity supply – by 2030.

Skills Development Critical for Successful Public Private Partnerships

The African Legal Support Facility (ALSF), Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and Expertise France conducted a five-day training on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to provide African governments with capacity for structuring win-win PPP projects in an effort to efficiently bridge Africa’s infrastructure financing needs.

Africa Announces Launch of the Development Minerals Program

Strong economic growth by the countries of Africa, a boom in its infrastructure, and rapid urbanization are all pushing up demand for everything from construction materials, dimension stones, industrial minerals, and semi-precious stones. The new Development Minerals Program is aimed at building on that demand and turning it into an engine for value-added goods, services, and jobs throughout the continent

Satellite Operators Sign Crisis Connectivity Charter

In the face of rapid climate change and related increased presence of natural disasters, the major satellite operators throughout the world have signed a charter to provide guaranteed pre-positioned satellites with priority allocated bandwidth as part of a space-based "first responder" team.

Mental Health Another Casualty of Changing Climate

Some of the more serious impacts of climate change affect the mental as well as the physical conditions of people in the most severely affected regions. It is already visible in places as diverse as Peru and the Philippines and is getting worse.

FedEx Corp Commits $1M in Cash & Transport for Refugees

FedEx Corp. has committed approximately $1 million in cash and transportation support to deliver emergency supplies and critical medical aid to the thousands of migrants and refugees escaping conflicts, and provide on-going assistance to both the people and the local communities affected by the crisis.

Is the Miracle of Microfinance Illusory?

Microfinance, hailed in some circles as allowing just the right kind of investment backing for emerging nations, after further time passing and analysis may have had far less positive impact than previously understood.

World Bank Forecasts Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time

In a major new report, the World Bank estimates that by the end of 2015 global poverty rates may fall to below 10%. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia continue to be the places with the highest concentrations of poverty worldwide, which suggests different solutions need to be developed to bring their poverty levels down further.