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Royal Philips Opens New Community Life Centre in Kenya

Royal Philips Corporation of the Netherlands, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (www.UnFA.org) and the Government of Mandera County, Kenya, just opened a new Community Life Centre (CLC) for Mandera's residents.

IMF Completes First Review of Egyptian Economic Recovery Program

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Executive Board just completed its first review of Egypt's economic reform program, supported by an arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility. The successful completion of that will allow Egypt to access new disbursements of up to SDR 895.48 million, or about US $1.2 billion.

Africa Hotel Investment Forum Delivered ~$16.8M to African Economies

Ever wonder what trade shows and conferences can mean economically to host countries in Africa? A new independent audit of the influential Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) (www.Africa-Conference.com) by Grant Thornton, and international audit, tax and advisory company, says that single conference alone has delivered ~$16.8 million to African economies.

Mozambique Secures USD 6M to Support Sustainable Forests

The Government of Mozambique just received $6 million from the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to support sustainable management of its forest sector, promote good governance, improve forest concession systems, and enable private sector participation.

New UN Report Defines Roadmaps to Help Africa Transform Its Economy

A new report prepared by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) says Africa can transform its society into one recognized as prosperous and productive. To accomplish that, however, it will have to find a way to harness the energy and inspiration of the 60% of the continent's population who is currently under 25 years.

African Companies Had No Cross-Border IPOs Jan-June 2017

Baker McKenzie, a global law firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, reports in its later Cross Border IPO Index that there were ZERO cross-border Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) from African companies during the first half of 2017. This is the first time in five years of tracking that this has occurred.

Renewable Water Sources Growing Scarcer in North Africa and Middle East

The United Nations recently issued a warning about water to those living in the Near East and North Africa regions. Their analysis says that the per capita renewable energy availability is around 600 cubic meters per person per year, only 10% of the world average. It is calling for immediate innovation to help solve the problem, something which is getting worse fast because of accelerating climate change.