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U.S. Declares Clothing Trade War -- on Rwanda?

In a little-known corner of the global Trade War, Rwanda and some of its neighboring countries recently raised tariffs on imports of used clothing, in an attempt to stimulate the local textile industry. Trump responded by suspending duty-free access to U.S. markets for Rwandan clothing. It may look balanced, but this may just be the most crazy 'trade war' the U.S. has launched yet.

Reflections on the New Leader of Ethiopia, One Month In

Ann Fitz-Gerald, a Professor of Security Sector Management at Cranfield University, gives insight into Dr. Abiye Ahmed, Ethiopia's new head of the federal government. He's already making moves which challenge past norms, but could those same moves create additional tensions?

40 Biggest Mining Companies Grew at 23% in 2017, per PwC Report

During the Junior Mining Indaba conference held on June 5 in Johannesburg, PwC said that the world's 40 biggest mining companies grew faster than most industries in 2017. The total revenue for that group rose 23 percent to $600 billion last year. This has major implications for continuing investments in Africa's booming mining industry.

Uganda Approves Taxes on Social Media Services and Mobile Banking

On May 30, the parliament of Uganda approved a major overhaul of its excise tax system. Effective July 1, all citizens using social media and related services, plus anyone using mobile banking, will be charged taxes just for accessing the services. The tax is being raised mostly to help fund public services.