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New $5B Oil Pipeline To Be Built Between Zambia and Angola

November 27, 2018

As part of a major move to enhance the Zambia petroleum industry, Diamantino Azevedo, Angola's minister of Mineral Resources and Oil, recently confirmed that Angola and Zambia are working together on a $5 billion project which includes a major new pipeline connecting the countries.

Considering that Zambia has no direct sea access, this pipeline will make it easier to import oil and other petroleum products into the country. The project will also include development of petroleum refining infrastructure, workforce training, and overall increased trade in oil for Zambia.

According to Azevedo, "The installation of the new delivery system is vital to meet the current demand in Zambia and the sub region, and also prepare for consumption in the long term. Zambia [currently] has one pipeline which transports its petroleum products from the port of Dar el salaam in Tanzania to Indeni Refiner in Ndola."

The signing ceremony for the project was attended by Angolan Ambassador to Zambia Bambina Dias Da Silva and Zambian Ambassador to Angola Laurence Chalungumana.

According to sources, the governments will announce an as-yet-unamed equity partner to help recapitalize the Ideni refinery.

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