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Zimbabwe To Invest $1.6M IN New Affordable Housing

November 5, 2018

Work is already under way at the new $1.6 million housing project authorized under the country’s Beitbridge Redevelopment Program (BRP).

BRP was created 12 years ago – in 2006, as part of the National Economic Development Priority Program (NEDPP). The idea behind it was to help fund and build affordable accommodations for workers sent to the country’s Beitbridge Border Post.

According to project manager Edmore Tlou, the new housing project is being built in three phases.

Phase 1 already started in July 2018 thanks to payout of the $1.6 million via the National Treasury. The funds paid for initial project clearing, road construction, plumbing and water-related subsystems, electrical line running and initial carpentry.

The second phase will clear the areas where a total of 16 duplex flats – with a capacity of 64 households – will be constructed, along with the garden area.

Phase 3, which still requires more funding, will complete construction of the garden and duplexes.

Besides the housing, the regional development plan for the area has the aim of changing the local port area there into a 21st century modern city. Much must be built up to fully support an estimated population of 70,000 residents and transient population of 13,000 who come into and leave from the town every day. Those facilities will include a new hospital, a primary and a secondary school, a civic center, an office block for the Government, a truck inn, a shopping complex and even an aerodrome. Constructing all that will also require more roadwork, upgrading of the water supply system and sewer infrastructure, plus strengthening the border area.

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