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EDF and BBOXX Partner on Off-Grid Electricity Project for Togo

October 30, 2018

EDF, a diversified French energy firm, and BBOXX, a UK-based venture-based company focused on off-grid energy solutions in developing countries, have a strategic partnership initially aimed at a new program in Togo.

BBOXX’s Togo Project has the goal to provide reliable and affordable solar power in support of the Government of Togo’s CIZO electrification Program. According to the term of the partnership with EDF, EDF now owns a 50% stake in that project.

The long-term goal of that joint effort is to establish a 35% market share of electricity in the country by 2024, six years from now.

BBOXX itself began working on off-grid electricity projects in Togo in 2017. Since that time, it has already set up clean electrical supply solutions for 26,000 people in the country.

In commenting about the new partnership, Mansoor Hamayun, CEO and Co-Founder of BBOXX, said, “Our latest deal with EDF symbolizes the first stepping stone in a strong strategic partnership.”

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