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50 Nigerian Politicians Banned from Travel

October 15, 2018

In a move the government says will help deter corruption, on October 13 the government of Nigeria banned travel for fifty well-known politicians in the country.

According to a list published in the newspaper The Nation, the majority of those on the ban list are currently facing corruption charges in the country. The intent of the ban is to block them from exiting the country until their trials are over.

The Peoples Democratic Party, the largest of the opposition parties in Nigeria, has come out strongly against the ban. In its statement about the government ban, the party says that, “We hope this is not a ploy to harm certain eminent Nigerians on the claims of resisting travel restrictions. The whole world can now see how fascism is fast taking over our democracy and judicial system and how the Buhari administration, by fiat, has directly ordered that citizens be secretly trailed.”

The government pushed back on those comments, saying the ban is solely intended to help rid Nigeria of corruption.

The travel ban was enacted as Executive Order No. 6 from President Muhammadu Buhari.





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