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Malawi Receives US $102M for Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project

September 30, 2018

Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe’s Water and Sanitation project (LWSP) was just awarded US $102 million from the World Bank to rehabilitate and expand the Lilongwe water distribution network and more.

The shores of Lake Malawi, the source of the water to be used in the newly-funded Lilongwe water and sanitation project. Photo: Traveling Otter, CC

According to Mr. Odete Maximpua, the project's team leader, the monies awarded came in two parts, $75 million as credits and $25 million from international development funds. The improvement of the water distribution network will consume two-thirds of the newly-awarded funds. The work will include building a storage reservoir, construction of 27 kilometers of transmission lines, and installation of pumping stations.

The water for the project will come from Lake Malawi. It will be pumped from there to the country’s capital city.

The work will also include building 500 new sewers in support of 8,000 improved sanitation facilities in the region. The sewers will support 90,000 people and the sanitation improvements will service 160,000 people.


The project is projected to take 6 years to complete.

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