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Pirates Offshore Nigeria Kidnap Swiss Merchant Vessel Crew

September 24, 2018

Operators of a Swiss merchant vessel traveling in Nigerian waters have confirmed the capture of the vessel by oceangoing pirates on September 22.

A map of the Gulf of Guinea, where the pirates overtook the Swiss merchant vessel MV Glarus. Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gulf_of_Guinea_(English).jpg

At the time pirates overtook the vessel, the MV Glarus was on a run from Lagos to Port Harcourt, a southern Niger oil hub. It was carrying wheat, according to the ship’s operator, Massoel Shipping.

Other reports say the pirates who boarded kidnapped 12 out of the 19 crew members. The condition of the crew and the ship’s contents are not known at this time.

In a statement released not long after the kidnappings took place, Massoel Shipping issued a statement. “The company is working with the authorities and specialists to secure the speedy and safe release of those being held,” it said.


Nigerian officials are currently investigating what happened and working to rescue the ship and its crew.

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