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Egypt Finds New Way to Crush Dissent with Social Media Law

September 4, 2018

The Egyptian government just announced a new regulation that is even more restrictive on potential dissidents in the country.

The new regulation, which was published September 1 in the country’s official gazette, gives government media authorities supervisory authority over all social media accounts with over 5000 followers.

This top media authority for the country will now legally be allowed to block those social media accounts that it determines to be sending out ‘fake news’.

This builds on top of an August anti-cybercrime bill the President signed into law. Under that statute, the Egyptian government has the right to block websites if the content is considered a threat to national security.

The Egyptian government has already been criticized for taking a much tougher stand against journalists who write about and publish content considered to be anti-government in nature.

Amnesty International went on record about the new legislation that the combined set of new regulations “give the state near-total control over print, online and broadcast media”.

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