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Coca-Cola Beverages Africa To Invest $100M in Kenya Over 5 Years

June 5, 2018

Coca-Cola, the largest soft drinks bottler in Africa, recently announced it plans to invest over $100 million in Kenya to expand product lines and streamline logistics within the continent.

Managing Director Daryl Wilson said the plan includes plans to take the company’s existing line of over 130 products to a total of over 180 during that investment period. The new products will also support increased demand for sugar-free and flavored waters.

This comes on top of it having recently opened a new 7 billion Kenyan Shilling ($69 million) juice products line within its Nairobi plant.

For infrastructure improvements, the company is looking into alternative means of transporting beverages within the region as one main focus. A second will involve alternative energy sources, especially to replace expensive and inefficient generator systems used as backups when power sources are not always available.

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