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KPMG and Worldreader Team Up To Help With Literacy in Tanzania

June 5, 2018

To help advance literacy in Tanzania, consultancy KPMG International and Worldreader, a nonprofit focusing on reading proficiency based in San Francisco, recently announced their are teaming up on a project to advance literacy in Tanzania.

A child with his ebook reader, provided courtesy of Worldreader. Photo: Worldreader

KPMG International and Worldreader announce they have joined forces to help advance literacy in Tanzania. Aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, both organisations invest in solutions to help close the literacy gap. 

KPMG and Worldreader have now teamed up in the village of Kiuyu Mbuyuni, in the Micheweni region of northern Pemba, part of Tanzania's Zanzibar archipelago to support KPMG's 10 year commitment to the Millennium Village Project (MVP) with the opening of a library with access to hundreds of local and international digital books through Worldreader e-readers.

There are over hundred million youth worldwide that lack basic literacy skills. This lack of skills impact their job prospects and perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Through the launch of the collaboration between KPMG and Worldreader, the two organisation plan to work together to harness the power of education and technology to unlock the potential for some of the most disadvantaged people in the world and to enhance their employability. Because for every US$1 invested in an additional year of schooling generates US$10 in earnings and health benefits in low income countries. 

“Education is one of the most influential drivers of economic growth and prosperity in our generation and for generations to come. In a world of growing socio-economic division and increasing distrust in government, we, as business leaders, have an opportunity - and a responsibility - to help create a better future for those around us, especially empowering the young through targeted literacy development programs that boost learning and skills, and will help secure better work opportunities, and the freedom to enjoy life as a reader” said Dr. Michael Hastings, Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE, Global Head of Citizenship at KPMG International.

“Helping people read and become avid readers is a grand task that can only be achieved through multi-sector partnerships," said Colin McElwee, co-founder, Worldreader. “Expanding reading programs and ultimately helping people improve their lives in Tanzania is a goal that we are honored to undertake with a prestigious partner such as KPMG International. We look forward to experiencing the positive results in the community and beyond.”

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