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Ethiopia Increases Community Radio Stations

February 26, 2016

India's World Development Foundation provided seven community radio stations in Ethiopia.

One of the essential aspects of civil society is community media - media that provides accurate and unbiased information relevant to local populations. Low-power community operated radio is an important way for communities to stay in touch and communicate important information necessary for good governance, economic and social development. 

When the government of Ethiopia issued a tender in 2014 for seven new community radio stations, the World Development Foundation in Delhi responded and was pronounced the low bidder. The Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Federal Republic of Ethiopia and World Development Foundation signed an agreement on 30th June 2014. 

The contract was for establishing seven 700 Watt power FM Community Radio Stations at: Finote Selam, Dilo (Borana), Adola Rede (Guji), Chewaka (Illubabor), Semera, Ari Woreda (Debub Omo) and Uba Debretsehay (in Gamo Gofa zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Region), Ethiopia.

Locations of new Community Radio Stations

Locations of new Community Radio Stations

The transmitters were purchased from DB/DM Broadcast in Italy.

World Development Foundation, with an active support of different agencies of Govt. of India and Embassy of India in Ethiopia and MCIT, Ethiopia was able to complete the job and hand over all the Community Radio Stations to MCIT last year.

New community radio station in Ari, Ethiopia

New community radio station in Ari, Ethiopia

The stations provide the opportunity for citizens to express themselves socially, culturally, politically and spiritually, thus preparing each and every member of the community to participate in decision-making.

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