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Ethiopia To Give Up Town of Badme to Make Peace with Eritrea

When a war broke out in 1998 between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the city of Badme was captured and occupied by Ethiopia. After two years the war was over and Ethiopia refused to return Badme to Eritrea. That is about to change, all n the name of long-term peace between the countries.

Innovation Hubs Proving Reliable Way to Stimulate Tech Economy in Africa

As Africa's emerging technology ecosystem grows, innovation and entrepreneurship are taken on a bigger role. Innovation hubs in particular have been a major force for the existing major hubs in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, and the same model is proving equally important in the emerging tech centers on the continent.

Fourth WiSci Girls STEAM Camp Opens on June 17 in Namibia

Namibia is the host country for the fourth WiSci (Women in Science) Girls STEAM Camp. Over 100 high school students will be coming from Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and the United States. The camp kicks off today, June 17, and runs through June 29, 2018.

IMF Board Completes Togo Economic Review, Authorizes Additional Funding

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s Executive Board completed its review of the performance of Togo's economy, which was already under support by an Extended Credit Facility arrangement. Based on the review, the board has authorized disbursement of another SDR25.17 million (equivalent to US $35.5 million)

South Africa Adds Steel Tariffs to Protect Local Industry

Responding to concerns about the potential collapse of South Africa's steel industry, the government of South Africa has instituted a number of new measures to help support it. These include new tariffs on imported steel products.

Kenya Brought to Task to Eliminate Child Labor Within Its Borders

On June 12, the World Day Against Child Labor, authors Jacqueline Mogeni, the CEO at Kenya’s Council of Governors and Siddharth Chatterjee, the United Nations Resident Coordinator to Kenya, call attention to the need to do something about the high percentage of child laborers in that country.

South Africa To Address Cash-in-Transit Heists

South Africa is taking serious the recent uptick in cash-in-transit heists in the country. Its Portfolio Committee will describe 7 priorities to attempt to deal with the problem during a public hearing to be held in Parliament on June 13.

Early Warning System Projects Where to Expect Political Violence in Africa

Uppsala University of Sweden has been developing simulation models intended to help forecast where largescale political violence might emerge anywhere. The model is called ViEWS, a political Violence Early-Warning System. On June 7, it released its first public forecast for the African continent.

African Financial Fund Receives $10M Investment from AfDB

The Africa Financial Sector Deepening Fund, a financial instrument designed to strengthen the capital base of local financial institutions and stimulate Africa's corporate bond market, just received a US $10 million investment from the African Development Bank.

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